In 2011, SeaVuria Girls to Girls was founded by a group of 14 girls from Vashon Island, who came together with a common passion. After learning about the lack of education in Kenya, especially for girls, we realized how fortunate we are to live in a country and in a community where education is presumed.  It became our goal to support education for these girls.

2016 was the last year with the original founders in the group, who have all since graduated high school. Today, we have 45 members, all high school students, and all devoted to carrying on the mission of Girls to Girls.

We serve Kenyan youth in poverty whose families cannot afford to send them to school. In Kenya, the government only pays for school through grade eight, leaving high school funding up to the family. Typical high schools cost between $300 and $650 a year per student, and, for families surviving on an income of about two dollars per day, sending their children to school often isn’t an option. We take away the barrier of school fees and get the students back to their classes. We focus mainly on girls, as they face the most challenges in getting an education; if a family can pay to send one of their children, it is usually a son. However, we also have scholarships for boys. Our boys’ scholarships help increase community support and encourage boys to challenge traditional views and embrace the importance of girls’ education. Our organization directly serves Kenyan teens in need. We know, however, that each student we send to school inspires others, and shares knowledge to help the whole community.

Our group strives to create a domino effect: it seems small and simple at first, but each little piece leads to the next and ends up creating an entire wave. Communication is one of those pieces. Every time we are able to share a letter, email, skype conversation, or Instagram post with our recipients we each learn something new, gaining a new level of friendship and understanding.


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EMAIL:  girlstogirls.seavuria@gmail.com

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