Girls to Girls members discover many extracurricular parallels with students in Kenya

This month our blog will focus on some of the activities of our scholars outside of school because we recognize that being a part of extracurriculars enhances one’s education. The girls we talked to this month shared many things that they are enjoying in their free time.

At our monthly video call session with Ngami HS, the Kenyan girls surprised us with a choreographed dance. Great big smiles appeared on everyone's face by the end and set us up for an excellent meeting. We began by teaching each other our favorite dance moves and we found that we both were familiar with the macarena. So we played the music and were able to all dance together over zoom. Even though we live across the world, dancing together brought the distance to feel a little closer.

Girls to Girls member dancing the macarena with scholarship recipients at Ngami HS

On another video call, we met scholarship recipients who shared their passion for sports, music, and science competitions, similar to those we have on Vashon Island. Their schools' most popular sports are soccer and volleyball. The scholarship recipients were all very interested in biology and chemistry programs at their school, making them perfect participants in their school's science fair. A particular science project that brought them much pride was a greenhouse they built entirely made from recycled plastic water bottles.

It is exciting to see the similarities in interests and activities that we share with these girls. It has been amazing to see the passion in their work. They are inspirational young women, and we are confident they will continue to succeed in their future.

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