Our main ongoing project is our scholarship funding. We are currently sponsoring 62 students throughout the 2019 - 2020 Kenyan school yearwith the help of PETRI, our sister organization

Once a year Girls to Girls and PETRI get together for our annual scholarship selection process. Throughout the day we read through each application which includes the student's grades, a letter from their principal, and the student's personal statement, and finally, as a group, we select which students will receive scholarships for the school year.

Seavuria Girls to Girls and PETRI members selecting scholarship recipients


One hundred percent of our donations go to funding scholarships. In order to raise this money Girls to Girls has various fundraising events throughout the year, our biggest is our annual fundraising event. At this event, we share our past years' progress and our goals for our future year with our donors. Our last annual fundraiser also featured delicious Kenyan food, song, and dance performances.



Throughout the year you can often find members of Girls to Girls outside our local grocery store, Vashon Thriftway, selling homemade baked goods or washing cars in the IGA parking lot.

Girls to Girls also fundraise through our Service Fairs where our members do yard-work, babysitting, or other odd jobs for donations. You can sign up to receive a service 

Seavuria Girls to Girls members hosting a bake sale



One of the things that set Girls to Girls apart from many other organizations is how much we value communication. We require that both our members and our scholarship recipients keep in touch through email, Instagram, letter writing, and over google hangout. This communication helps us to narrow the nine-thousand-mile gap that separates our two societies and realize that other than birthplace there are very few things that separate us.

Skype call with scholarship recipients in Kenya



In February of 2016, 2018, and 2020, some of our members stood outside our local grocery store, Vashon Thriftway, and asked for donations of sanitary pads to send to Kenya. Both times within two hours our community helped us nearly clear out the store's stock. These sanitary pads were given to our scholarship recipients so that they would not have to miss school monthly to deal with their menses without proper supplies.